She’d be proud of all of them.

She’d be proud of all of them.

Anonymous said: Instead of the idea of counjuring their Lusii with a Patronus charm, I always thought Eridan would summon the angels from LOWAA as his Patronus. And try to actually attack the dementors rather than guard. They would scare the hell out of everybody (including himself) considering they were these weird, Anti-Dementors. After that Eridan's wary against using a Patronus because of what it entails.

I don’t think the angels are inherently violent though, more likely they only become hostile when provoked. Also the Patronus charm produces a guardian or protector, but I doubt Eridan would see the angels as such, given how he hunted them down on LOWAA. 

Anonymous said: What house is Equius in for hogwartsstuck? (Or is he a forest-centaur rather than a student?)

I headcanon Equius as a Ravenclaw who does take an interest in centaurs (including Firenze the Divination professor). He and Nepeta have probably sneaked into the Forbidden Forest more than once.



It bothered me that there were no Squibs allowed in Hogwarts. Fine, I can get that Squibs would not be able to do any wand magic, and would not be able to fly a broomstick. They still apparently possess enough innate magic to see the school and other magically hidden locations. Out of the classes at Hogwarts that the kids take, a Squib could take and benefit from the following classes: History of Magic, Astronomy, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, MUGGLE STUDIES, Potions (there will be little foolish wand-waving here), Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and partially theoretical classes on Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.

That’s a long list of classes. And some of them are particularly upsetting to me because there’s stuff like History of Magic being left out- that’s their own history they’re being barred from learning. Since Squibs are often forced into the Muggle world, a Squib would make an ideal Muggle Studies teacher and would no doubt be able to teach a more realistic and informative class than someone going off of biased wizarding texts. Squib kids looking into living in the Muggle world would absolutely benefit from learning Muggle studies, especially if they’re from a mainly pureblood family who doesn’t venture out all too often.

And then there’s the rest of them! Arguably you could have a Squib gifted with prescience, and Divination is supposed to be a very accessible branch of magic. Squibs being excellent at taking care of magical plants and animals and making groundbreaking advancements, Squibs working in tandem with each other to breed different magical herbs for potions, Squib potion masters creating all sorts of amazing concoctions. Squibs working with muggleborns and using logic and science to advance magic theoretically, Squibs being huge pro-muggleborn/pro-muggle advocates, Squibs making star charts and Squibs going into the muggle world to use their healing potions in their jobs as nurses and doctors.

Squibs being so completely shut out of magical education was such a sore point for me in the books, especially viewing the treatment of our only prominent Squib- an angry, bitter, glorified janitor often at the mercy of brats with wands. I’m not justifying or endorsing his abusiveness at all, but this was an awful character to use to explore people without magic in a society that bases your worth on it. A lot of time Rowling seems to validate Wizarding prejudices more than she challenges them. While I really enjoy reading the headcanons about Hogwarts being very accessible to people with disabilities, I can’t bring myself to see that as the case with Squibs being treated as they are. 


Just because they can’t do magic with wands doesn’t mean they should be shunted to the fringes of the culture they were raised in! I know it’s based around magic, but imagine being a wizard shoved into the Muggle word where you can’t even get your favorite candy!

They should have some kind of course that’s compulsory for squibs and purebloods, some half-bloods … basically anyone raised in a Magical family. It’d be a bit like how some Muggle schools have Home Ec, but it’d be like “Okay, poof, you can’t use a wand FOR ANYTHING” Muggle Cooking/Muggle Sewing-Mending/Muggle Currency/Muggle Adulting. It’d include field trips to Muggle London toward the end of the year, etc.

AND a squib may very well have children who ARE magical - JKR kinda said at some point that Muggleborns usually had some wizard or squib way back in their family tree.

Would being a squib suck - not just because of the social stigma (which is huge) but because YOU CAN’T DO MAGIC? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to function or make you own choices!

And something like Defense Against the Dark Arts would be vital - at least recognizing the spells and more mundane stuff like “Eat chocolate if Dementor”.

Because guess who the Nazi-esque Dark Wizards are going to come after? If you’re a squib? That would be you.

Care of Magical Creatures is also useful for certain career paths and isn’t really limited by your magical ability. At the very least you’d know what to do if a Knarl showed up and how to distinguish it from a regular hedgehog.

You’d still send mail via Owl Post if you wanted.

Being a squib could be viewed as a sort of disability, and in the Muggle world at least we’re usually required to MAKE ACCOMMODATIONS for people who are disabled. (Doesn’t always work out real well because of funding and douchebaggery, unfortunately, but there are LAWS.)

You know what else would be helpful? Knowledge of stuff like “If you’re poisoned, a bezoar will probably save you.”

I’m unclear on whether a squib could actually brew a potion or if you have to be inherently magical, but knowledge of them would sure help - appearance, taste, effects, etc.

So when most of the class is working on the practical aspects of stuff, give the Squib students assignments that will help them at least RECOGNIZE what’s going on and generally prepare them for both life in the Muggle World OR life in the Wizarding World and make it THEIR CHOICE.

I want to see a squib - NOT FILCH - who DOES choose to stay in the Wizarding World despite the discrimination and difficulty and gets a job. (And doesn’t take a lot of shit.) You don’t need magic to run a bookshop (for example) generally. That’s business and accounting and customer service! Muggles manage it! (Okay, It might HELP if you had an assistant for Just In Case, but I figured that books like The Invisible Book of Invisibility or The Monster Book of Monsters - and even then I’d imagine that knowing to stroke the spine a Squib could handle it - would be the minority.)

I want magically-abled relatives and friends to come to the Squib character kind of embarrassedley because they need to use the Muggle world and “Muggle money/clothes/mail/whatever - HOW DO THEY FUCKING WORK?” (Cue some degree of well-deserved smugness.)

And since the Wizarding World is bigoted as all hell, how about some kind of Squib support group that rallies for Squib rights?

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Anonymous said: While you see Jade in Ravenclaw, I see her more as a Gryffindor. As much as she likes learning about physics and building robots in the comic, she seems to place a high value on courage and strength to save her friends, so much that she feels disgust on the cowardly Jadesprite. She also hates being seen as weak and would at times act recklessly before thinking about the consequences such as Dream Jade saving Dream John which led to her death.

I’m actually pretty flexible with my sorting headcanons for most of the characters, including Jade, so I can see her being sorted into Gryffindor for all the reasons you listed. The reason I put her in Ravenclaw in the photosets (besides her being a genius) is because I wanted all the Beta kids to be in different houses and because Jade would love the Ravenclaw common room. It’s not very good reasons, I admit, but again I’m not refuting Gryffindor Jade.

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Seriously any characterization of Jade pining after boys is totally bogus. We have Karkat getting into a fight with himself about whether he’s flirting with her in front of her. Dave’s all hey jade i made you some music hey jade i made an ironic fursona hey hey why are you talking to john you should be talking to me and Tavros goes hi I killed your grandpa do you want to go out with me }:)

This is particularly nauseating if paired with suave coolkid Dave (I’ve never seen anyone attempt a suave Tavros or Karkat, thank god, although sometimes they try to go the gritty protector Karkat route which is almost as laughable) because if Dave had made it to high school he’d be the kid who got dumped in the trashcan during freshman orientation 

any high school au where you have dave being genuinely cool and popular is probably horrendously ooc and anywhere you have jade trailing after people like a lonely puppy waiting to get noticed is even more so  (via deliverusfromsburb)

More Hogwartstuck, wherein Jade and Nepeta proceed to sneak into the restricted section of the Library; the usually calm and collected Slytherin Rose gets all flustered and tongue-tied around Hufflepuff Kanaya; and Terezi conjures a Patronus that can chase away hundreds of Dementors (though I don’t know which memory she’s using to fuel it).

That’s even scarier than hitting Kageyama with the ball. (Alternate version of this.) 

That’s even scarier than hitting Kageyama with the ball. (Alternate version of this.) 

yellosubbub said: I'm not sure about you but I envision Tavros as a Gryffindor, he values bravery and confidence highly, though he is timid and has low self esteem. The Sorting Hat's job is to sort you into the house which will unlock your true potential, it's not some personality quiz (not that you see it as one, considering where you put John and Karkat) and I believe Tavros' potential lies within healing his shattered self esteem and nurturing his thirst for improvement. Sorry if I came on a bit rude!

Oh no, you weren’t being rude at all, and I completely understand where you’re coming from; I can see Tavros in either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. It’s just that when I was drawing the Prefects I was leaning towards Hufflepuff. 

Thinking about JohnRoxy and DaveJane.

Thinking about JohnRoxy and DaveJane.