Anonymous said: Equius + Nepeta houses go

Equius is a Ravenclaw with a disturbing fixation on the divination professor and Nepeta is a Gryffindor who creeps her house mates out by decorating her corner of the dormitory with animal pelt. 

that-sburb-girl said: Which subjects is rose best at?

Rose excels in Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts (assuming the teacher is a good one); she’s also very interested in Ancient Runes.

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Anonymous said: wouldn't jade be really good at divination? (you know with the whole predicting the future thing)

Her knowledge of the past, present and future were a result of her dreaming on Prospit though, not actual precognition. But since Firenze is the instructor and centaur divination is closely linked to astronomy, Jade might be one of the only students who doesn’t lose interest after the first few days (and Equius is interested for completely different reasons).

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Anonymous said: What about Jade Harley in your hogwartstuck?

Jade is a Ravenclaw with a pet frog, and her favorite classes are herbology and astronomy (though she’s also a great student in her other classes). I’ve actually drawn her in her uniform alongside Roxy and Rose but I forgot to add her glasses so a lot of people didn’t recognize her, oops (I’ll probably fix it later). 

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rotom-vvash said: thank you for putting eridan in slytherin where he belongs. people putting him in hufflepuff for le funny epig win are absolutely painful and it happens all the time

Honestly I don’t like it when any character is sorted into Hufflepuff as a joke, but yeah I can’t really imagine Eridan being sorted into any other house besides Slytherin. 

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Anonymous said: why is john in hufflepuff? C:

See, when I sort characters it’s not so much their personality I consider, instead I think: what do they value the most, and what do they want for themselves? A canon example of this would be Hermione, the cleverest witch of her age and whose boggart is Professor McGonagall telling her she failed all her classes, yet she was sorted into Gryffindor. This quote sums up why: “Books and cleverness! There are more important things. Friendship and bravery”

Now everyone has different interpretations of characters, but to me John is brave, heroic and reckless - which are very Gryffindor traits. However, I think that what he really values and wants to be is loyal, trustworthy and fair, so I headcanon him as a Hufflepuff (My reasoning for Gryffindor Dave is the opposite of this). I’ve read some comments on my Hogwartstuck post that John is too much of an asshole to be a Hufflepuff, and I’m not disagreeing that he can be a bit of a douche, esp when he has cabin fever. What I disagree with is the view that a character has to be nice to be in Hufflepuff, because if I recall correctly, Hufflepuffs have never been described as nice in canon. It’s also for this reason that I can easily see a villainous character being a Hufflepuff, but that’s a discussion I’d rather not delve into right now.

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Anonymous said: Eridan would definitely be Gryffindor. He killed the angels, he's brave as hell- he's just an idiot.

Well, the way I see it, people from all the other houses can be just as brave as any Gryffindor. The difference is that they value ambition, or loyalty, or learning more than bravery (which is why Hermione is a Gryffindor - she values bravery even more so than learning); even if they may lack those qualities (which is why Crabbe and Goyle are in the house of cunning). Or at least, that’s how I think the sorting hat works.

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Anonymous said: terezi must've been really happy when she's sorted into gryffindor, red is her main color! did she lick her scarf? <3

Haha yeah, Terezi’s always surrounded by the best aroma. Also I think she was pleasantly surprised when all her robes were magically turned red after the sorting ceremony. 

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Anonymous said: just curious to your reasoning, but why slytherin karkat?

I actually considered sorting Karkat into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, but then I read roachpatrol’s post on Slytherin Karkat and thought it made much more sense.

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Eridan’s pretty sure it’s against school rules to swim in the lake and look into other houses’ common rooms, but Feferi doesn’t care, and anyway he’d never tell on her.

For superwholocked-carcinogeneticist, who was wondering where Eridan is in my Hogwartstuck AU. I’m not that familiar with Eridan’s character so I’m tentatively sorting him into Slytherin; also I thought this kind of scene would be fun to draw.